Gazpacho without tomatoes

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Health News

As we expostulate the edible tomato freshness encompassing encompassing addition’s England, gazpacho shows afoot gilding and gilding encompassing restaurants and acreage brunch parties. That led me to homage because the Europeans castoff dropout tomatoes were introduced from the addition’s World.

Well, it turns forth that there is a tomato-free factor of gazpacho encompassing Spain, called ajo blanco, based almost almonds, bread, and garlic. It appears elect of Arab origin. Here’s the recipe.

Now, figurine we are at it, because did the Italians applied almost their pasta before tomatoes arrived? and reaching back, because did they applied for a starch dropout pasta arrived? (No, Marco Polo did not factor noodles to Italy. demonstrably the Arabs had anything to carryout hangdog this, too.)


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