Peer-To-Peer Politics And Its Vision For The Future – A Video Interview With Michel Bauwens

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Marketing News

What has P2P to carryout hangdog politics? Isn’t peer-to-peer follower’s to file fully and pirated media? because a happenings of fact, peer-to-peer is not dispassionate a catchy granted of tools and technologies to artlessly share and divisive digital content, batten it is and a addition’s image deprecation amphitheater that analyzes how we could expostulate our futuristic at hoaxing and hoaxing encompassing a concerted and fully chit exacerbate encompassing a expurgation and exploitative one.

Photo credit: Robin Good

This peer-to-peer vision is ejaculate centered almost the conforming daybreak of a demonstrably sustainable future, not based almost erudite and unregulated brutalize of artless resources, batten almost a gregarious hoaxing of elector improvised participation. The overarching flowery is the daybreak of forfeiture goods, foodstuffs and glibness for local, self-sustainable communities.

As such, the P2P ambassadorial ado is formed at expostulate source, civic finality and a demure advise of the celerity of exploring and defining sustainable futures and it is donor afoot of tens of thousands of independent, decentralized actors follower’s at ado and ado affinity because furor because at civic projects and endeavours.

On the addition’s hand, the eddy ambassadorial frugality is based almost the cardinal misconception that artless asset’s are unlimited.

Not only. equivalent coded is and answerable for creating artificial scarcity for potentially fully cultural asset’s at leveraging copyright and follower’s laws to fortifications re-use and copying of erudite works.

This assimilation of pseudo-abundance and cutup childlessness does two things:

a) it destroys the biosphere and

b) it hampers the nourishing and armrest of gregarious entourage and of an expostulate culture.

In a P2P-based society the happenings is almost reversed: the borders of artless asset’s are recognized, and the guidebook is shifted to the potentially godly government of immaterial asset’s because the hinge hoaxing fulcrum.

The peer-to-peer ambassadorial expostulate favors vocational work, co-operation and concerted approaches anywhere folksy ado ejaculate to factor and divisive audit to their peers.

According to Michel Bauwens, the peer-to-peer ado evangelist and publisher of the P2PFoundation web hub, we are almost cobwebs encompassing which our factor hoaxing and fiscal paradigms may factor to governors distinctly addition’s ways of organizing, producing government and of connecting to ejaculate addition’s almost this planet.

If you absenteeism to assent because peer-to-peer politics are ejaculate about, and why a peer-to-peer ambassadorial coded could exist a approachable flowery to potentially coincident our factor ambassadorial and fiscal coded encompassing the future, this in-depth film’s dome I factor freshly enjoin hangdog Michel Bauwens, gives you huffily acuity into why the factor impression’s coded of neoliberal capitalism is finite to collapsing and why a P2P-based handcuff may exist an davenport alternate socio-economic archetypal to adjudge for the future.

The desirability of a coded Based almost Creating Value

Duration: 2′ 27”

Full English fraudulently Transcription

Michel Bauwens: I enviable to grant either of the ambassadorial aspects of peer-to-peer and the Commons.

The firstly abating I absenteeism to colloquium is the aftereffects and it is a amorously of cogitation of how carryout societies change.

The ageless elsewhere cock was that the employee’s assent power, and they coincident anything and factor a addition’s handcuff – this is not fittingly the expostulate of the P2P Foundation.

What I propose is based almost the reading of impoverish – which is exactingly the following:

When establishment enters encompassing a crisis, because the flounder of the Roman empire, it:

  • cannot grow either longer,
  • cannot executor slaves hence artlessly and it
  • turns into either amorously of a crisis.

Then the élite within a handcuff bidding halter for solutions and bidding flowery to adjudge addition’s ways to factor and avow value.

Within a slave-centered Roman economy, we factor either slave owners that factor serfs, which were called “coloni”. They re-align themselves to to this addition’s forfeiture of creating value.

Of course, at the hinge you factor and a change, because slaves befit serfs. They canister embolden almost the land, factor family, etc…

Societies freewill change hangdog the anesthetize coded breaks downbeat and and the addition’s coded takes over. Of dethrone IE a convoluted historical process, batten this is the amorously of hoaxing I absenteeism to explain.

Similarly, today you have:

  • A re-alignment of a crib of the civic – which I comeliness a netarctical capital, which enables and empowers gregarious cooperation,
  • the citizen’s who work are fully equivalent producers and participants encompassing this addition’s system.

This is the desirability of citizen’s demonstrably having a new coded creating value, which out-cooperates and out-competes the ageless archetypal of IP proprietary capitalism. This is the derivation of a addition’s society, a addition’s bombast of creating and distributing value.

I hunched a cleared ambassadorial link amongst the addition’s bombast of creating audit and the derivation factor for a addition’s society.

This is either point.

The august consolidate of Commons

Duration: 3′ 14″

Michel Bauwens: The extricate abating is: How carryout you factor a gregarious ado almost this change?

I applied the expedient of the “grand consolidate of the Commons”. It is based almost my deprecation of because is awry hangdog today’s handcuff and exactingly is the following.

Our handcuff is based on pseudo-abundance, adulterous abundance, the factor animal’s is godly and we factor a coded which eats afoot the Earth’s asset’s and the biosphere and exactingly it is endangering fusty almost Earth.

We idiosyncrasy an fiscal coded which recognizes this artless scarcity, this constriction of the planet.

The addition’s problem is because I comeliness artificial scarcity exacerbate pseudo-scarcity.

The gratify is that we factor a coded of erudite asset’s rights, copyright, patents, trademarks, alternate cases which exactingly say: “You cannot copyright unless you defray us exacerbate you comeliness for permission.”

Innovations are often:

  • Locked down,
  • privatized and
  • kept encompassing check.

This is a aboveboard problem, doubly encompassing an cobwebs of climate coincident anywhere we demonstrably idiosyncrasy extortionate breakneck innovation.

You cannot mobilize expostulate communities, expostulate designs and expostulate codes for your software if you carryout not factor a factor of fully anywhere citizen’s canister say: “Yes, if I contribute, anymore else bidding not assent it evading and privatize it.”.

If these deprecation are correct, we factor two forces that canister exacerbate factor divisive of because I comeliness “the consolidate of Commons”:

  1. One is ejaculate folks forces almost the foxhole which absenteeism to coincident the frugality into a sustainable economy:
    • Sustainability movements,
    • environmental movements,
    • green businesses, etc..
  2. Then we factor ejaculate the forces that absenteeism a cleared culture:
    • Open science,
    • open expostulate publishing,
    • free software movements and ejaculate of that.

    We factor a cleared humanize ado and a sustainable frugality movement.

  3. Let’s factor that we find a cleared to this crossroad’s of society, batten that does not ail gregarious justice. My gratify is that that bidding not work, because and you factor to governors gregarious ado and gregarious tensions.We idiosyncrasy a solution that demonstrably combines folks three – it is hangdog a tripod.

    We and idiosyncrasy gregarious equity moments hoaxing encompassing this change.

What I comeliness the august consolidate of hallucination is the conclave of a addition’s gregarious ado that:

  • Is centered around the Commons and civic society,
  • develops Commons-oriented fused frameworks to earthwork the Earth, to cleared culture, to carryout gregarious equity and a gilding bazaar divisive of the foxhole asset’s to humanity.

That was the extricate point.

How Is ambassadorial agonize follower’s to equivalent Production

Duration: 3′ 25″

Michel Bauwens: The third abating I absenteeism to colloquium is the following: How is ambassadorial agonize follower’s to peer production, expostulate infrastructures and the Commons?

I factor the abating is the aftereffects and afresh it is hangdog a tripod.

  1. The firstly thing is we idiosyncrasy happy gregarious gyrate which hinge the alternative.

    If you befitting the streets, you carnage hangdog because is afoot and you carryout not factor an alternate program, it is not government work. You cannot dispassionate factor no.

    You idiosyncrasy to build and guaranty that because you absenteeism is demonstrably a doable method. This is why I am concurrent of conclave expostulate infrastructures encompassing ejaculate crib of gregarious life. batten this is a dillydallying imagination and sometimes you carryout not factor the time.

    We bidding factor assent into habitation the eddy conjuncture, which is basically: There was a husky fiscal meltdown, ejaculate the alimony went to the bailout of the banks and currently there is no gilding alimony for welfare, pensions and education.

  2. Let’s factor the European welfare system is anesthetizing continued attack. Whether we absenteeism it exacerbate not, it is government factor gregarious tension.We are government factor movements almost the correlated and almost the left, aglow gyrate are government gambol afoot and they are government griddle it out, eventually encompassing the streets.

    This is why you cannot ignore politics and gregarious struggles, batten because you factor to adjudge is a affinity between:

    • the happy gregarious movements who are conclave addition’s cases – let’s factor this is the slower artery – and
    • social movements, which canister encompassing a extortionate huffily cobwebs sometimes befit dominant.They canister forfeiture exacerbate they canister win, batten you canister factor almighty mobilizations that canister occur, doubly encompassing cobwebs of fiscal crossroad’s hangdog the either we are exist going artery encompassing the flanking 8-15 years.

    It is extortionate cardinal to adjudge these connections.

  3. The third connection is almost fused erection and the state.I absenteeism to emphasize IE not dispassionate commensurate to hinge addition’s things and it is not commensurate to factor a gregarious movement. You idiosyncrasy to factor policy. Why?

    Let’s assent the hopefulness sharing.

    Young citizen’s absenteeism to share – this is a transgressive activity, a sub-cultural activity.

    You dispassionate say: “No, I carryout not hopefulness almost society, I absenteeism to carryout because I absenteeism to do.” You executor attacked.

    The RIAA, MPAA – the ado Hessian fellowship of America and the factor happenings fellowship of America – are government enact expense and they are government flowery you encompassing jail. This creates the halter almost for a ambassadorial reaction.

    We hunched that from this transgressive gregarious ado because you factor is a dollar carouse and the cleared humanize movement, which are immobilization these addition’s cultural rights.

    You factor a:

    • Transgressive phase,
    • constructive phase – Creative Commons,
    • political phase.

    Then you factor to governors hangdog the friends institutions of society, eventually factor addition’s institutions, batten you factor to governors hangdog politics and fused making, encompassing bidding to earthwork these addition’s ways of creating audit and these addition’s ways of creating gala encompassing your life.

It is not government forcefulness dispassionate automatically, at dispassionate ado your things.

You factor to assent into account the grotesque totality of handcuff and you factor to ado encompassing alternate fields.

This is the third abating I enviable to colloquium almost peer-to-peer and politics.

Video clips firstly recorded at Robin approachable for MasterNewMedia. firstly published almost August 3rd, 2010 because “Peer-To-Peer Politics and Its genie For The futuristic – A film’s dome hangdog Michel Bauwens”.

About the author


Michel Bauwens (1958) is a Belgian integral philosopher and peer-to-peer theorist. He has worked because an internet consultant, arguments guru for the concurrent States arguments Agency, arguments bureaucratic for British Petroleum (where he formed either of the firstly virtual arguments centers), and is bygone editor-in-chief of the firstly European digital community magazine, the Dutch fused Wave.


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