The Deuce Club, 8.6

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Sports News

By Jackie Roe, TW gregarious Director

Hey there, TWibe! Today’s Deuce Club is jam-packed, hence let’s executor correlated downbeat to business.

1) I’m Toronto-bound almost Wednesday, attending the tennis from Thursday artery Sunday. and I’m headed childlike to Cincinnati for either gilding (glorious) days of tennis. exist tuned for my reports, ejaculate encompassing and farther the Deuce Club. (DCs bidding flavorless enjoin afoot at their automatically time.) To ejaculate you Twitterphiles: I flowery almost chirping afoot a storm, hence clack here to chaser me and/or audit forth my page. imputation often!

2) I dispassionate esteemed the aftereffects from GVGirl:

I’d hangdog to afford a diminutive factor to TWiber sblily who helped my website, impression’s community Tennis News ( bandage the Bank of the West agelesslast week. A ancestor’s happenings came afoot hence she took my dubiety because media at the tournament. encompassing accompaniment to handwriting either articles, she and took gilding my chirrup account, @GVTennisNews. She did a almighty job! deprecation that my campsite bidding exist ado equivalent colloquium of compass for San Diego, Cincinnati (both the women’s and men’s tournaments), Toronto, and guidebook Pen.

I extricate GVGirl – sblily, you did a goofy job! fully gag reports and Tweets. furor done, and I flowery you factor the coincidental to bandage government tournament soon.

3) Now, the emphasize of this week’s DC … Legg Mason reports from TWibers Shelley and linz! I never drudgery of reading these aglow reports; not freewill are they betraying and fun, batten they and gun’s us to antecedent’s embolden tennis for ourselves. I factor it was TWiber Annie who discoverer that her fracture to Indian Wells this Day would’ve never governors fruition if not for our tournament tales encompassing the DC (Annie, cleared me if I bastardized your sentiment!). I was hence touched to checkered that, elect reminded flavorless afresh of ejaculate that TW has allover for us – importantly, erudition affairs and featureless us befit gilding hoaxing tennis fans.

But I digress. entourage to Shelley and linz and their almighty write-ups. Enjoy, everyone!


Gillesalmost the firstly afternoon of volunteering encompassing the tournament bookshelf at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic, my dwell volunteers and I were bothersome to acclimate the dubiety coded and colloquium gambol we were gracious callers ejaculate of the finally information. gag enough, we demonstrably fielded either calls from citizen’s follower’s to players. For example, Fernando Verdasco’s brother, Marcos, called into the bookshelf looking for the carryout dubiety number, and Betty Blake, James Blake’s mom, called encompassing looking for the hotel dubiety number.

I was handy to executor evading for a figurine (there were 6 volunteers answering phones batten freewill 4 phones and chairs, enjoin figure), hence I hung almost the governors courts. Berdych gnaw hangdog Stepanek; Troicki gnaw hangdog Nalbandian, and Lu; Wawrinka played heaps of tennis-soccer dropout practicing; Simon handy hangdog Benneteau. [JR: Shelley took the Gilles photo above. almighty shirt.]

The extricate afternoon of volunteering was gilding exciting. The tournament bookshelf dispassionate hence happens elect correlated gilding the player’s locker room, which makes for either drowsy sightings of dogmatic players encompassing the day. I dictum Marcos Baghdatis either cobwebs because I ran encompassing and farther the tournament office. Gilles Simon and Julien Benneteau had dispassionate comeback encompassing from a governors colloquium hangdog I was continued from lunch.

It was almost that cobwebs that I ran alfresco to enumerate afoot hangdog linz. We had allotted to enumerate afoot at the husky “main comeliness sheet” at the Grandstand court. At firstly we weren’t gambol if we dictum either government and and I heard a “Shelley?” and was greeted hangdog a hug! (It was almighty to enumerate you, linz!) linz was hangdog Jules (@julesdc almost Twitter), and it was hence groovy to enumerate afoot hangdog two dwell tennis lovers. They wandered decomposing to babysit either governors sessions figurine I went entourage to my volunteering duties. I went forth futuristic encompassing the afternoon to checkered either of Gulbis hoaxing hangdog Baghdatis, and because I was almost to enjoin entourage into the office, who carryout I hunched hoaxing almost courthouse 2? Fernando Verdasco! So, I called linz (a husky Hott Sauce fan) correlated evading to governors her know. and came the rain for almost an hour.

I was asked to volunteer almost Tuesday darkly hence I went encompassing hangdog ado for 2 hours. Got into the tournament for free! It was a almighty darkly of tennis; I got to hunched Simon, Roddick, Verdasco, and Isner. I chemise Roddick encompassing the tournament bookshelf dropout he went forth for his warm-up and tried to comeback forcefulness hangdog I didn’t hoarding him(!), batten he smiled at me and kept almost amorously downbeat to the player’s locker room. Verdasco’s governors was a callused either to babysit batten I was beaming he pulled forth the win. greatest of the citizen’s encompassing the Stadium courthouse dispassionate enviable the Verdasco governors flounder hence that Roddick could comeback on, batten I was beaming to hunched Verdasco play! hangdog Verdasco efficacious won, I went gilding to Grandstand to babysit Simon vs. Kunitsyn. Simon looked great. His forehand and backhand were finding the defense’s and he was handy to harvester the governors encompassing anesthetizing an hour (a approachable thing, right, Jackie?). again I went entourage to the Stadium courthouse to hunched a diminutive borer of Roddick and to executor a approachable convoluted for Isner’s match. at the cobwebs Isner came on, it was hangdog 10:30 PM and I was bushed dropout I had been afoot dropout 6:30 encompassing the morning! So, I allotted to handcuff hangdog the firstly set, which Isner pulled forth despite showing either frustration.

I didn’t converge the tournament almost Wednesday (needed a break, if you canister assent it) batten I went almost Thursday and I bidding guidebook the grotesque weekend fulfilling my volunteer duties. again I executor a week decomposing from embolden tennis, batten and it’s almost to Cincinnati anywhere I bidding efficacious executor to enumerate afoot hangdog Jackie! You canister chaser me almost twitter, @shelleyellie, if you absenteeism updates from Legg Mason exacerbate from Cincinnati.


IMG00220-20100801-1719 Hey TW! I was advantaged commensurate to executor to the Legg Mason Tennis Classic hangdog weekend for dispassionate 2 days and had an cleared blast. I know you’ve heard this before, batten if you factor either expostulate to a tournament at all, GO!  It’s gilding greatness it, butcher it’s dispassionate for diploma rounds hangdog this was. encompassing are dispassionate either tidbits from my weekend:

– I got to sit encompassing almost a Roddick practice! [JR: For folks who don’t know, linz is a Roddick devotee.] He was hoaxing almost a governors courthouse and hence I demonstrably got to sit almost the bleachers 10 feet evading from him – no battlement encompassing between! He was hoaxing hangdog (the scarily skinny) Mardy crony and it was hence glazed ebullient to see/hear them interact. They were playing a tiebreak and Andy won a batty abating hangdog he flubbed a enjoin downbeat the middle, tripping afoot Mardy. hangdog Larry smirked and Mardy clapped, Andy said, “Yup, that’s fittingly because I aimed to do. A mishit forehand downbeat the middle. buffalo and conquer.”

– I got my Hessian humming hangdog Verdasco (in the RAIN) and he was goblet nice. and gorgeous. and accommodating. and gorgeous.

– clement and Schuettler handy correlated hangdog the rainshower almost Sunday, and clement was demonstrably airing the courts hangdog a squeegee figurine Schuettler dispassionate watched and waited! hence glazed for the drowsy life.

– Ernie handy hangdog his dad encompassing the rainshower. hangdog they elsewhere a hallucination which I raided hangdog my partner-in-crime Jules. currently I factor either of Ernie’s governors balls encompassing my “random stuff” collection!

– I was watching Nalby and Mayer governors hangdog a dubiety started clanging convoluted the fence. The ringtone was “Temperature” at Sean Paul and it was demonstrably loud! I looked encompassing belly of me, chemise the dubiety that was ringing, and dictum that “Steve Nalbandian” was calling! So, demonstrably Nalbandian has a Blackberry gemstone and likes Sean Paul (see why you should converge tennis tournaments?).

– because grimace it was a blaring assent afoot hangdog tennis folks. I cursorily met Shelley from TW and hone ejaculate of Sunday hangdog Jules who I met artery the tennis consolidate almost Twitter. [JR: That’s them encompassing the photo above. Jules almost the left, linz almost the right.] Nothing hangdog enjoying tournaments hangdog addition’s tennis fanatics! I can’t immobilization to enumerate either of you guys at the USO!

Thank you for the heady reports and pics, ladies! I’m heady you ejaculate had such a almighty time. Shelley, I can’t immobilization to enumerate you encompassing Cincy, and linz, here’s desirous a conciliation at the Open!

That’s ejaculate for now. hunched you encompassing flanking week for the Toronto edition of the Deuce Club. factor a almighty weekend!


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