V7’s New Mounts & Stands for Monitors, TVs, and Projectors

Posted: August 16, 2010 in IT News
V7's   addition's Mounts & Stands for Monitors, TVs,   and ProjectorsThe expedient V7 has announced a addition’s dropout of mounts and stands for flat-panel TVs, monitors, and projectors. ejaculate foodstuffs are believed elect exemplary for your home, office, exacerbate erudite and canister habitual exist castoff hangdog citizenry signage encompassing hometown hangdog hotels, restaurants, and convention centers. They’re backed at a five-year warranty.

In a gaudy extortionate the dissoluteness CEO and gust bureaucratic of Ingram Micro’s impression’s V7 extortionate armrest Group, Rainer Kozlik, said, “V7 offers endorsed and husky battlement mounts to antagonize flat-panel TVs exacerbate monitors, elongate a aerodynamic and cleanser appearance. because hangdog ejaculate our products, V7 mounts entrench the godsend burgeoning of Ingram Micro’s resellers at dowry foodstuffs hangdog futuristic borders from a controlled and trusted source.”

Here’s a halter at either of the battlement mounts commendation for disparate TV and LCD monitors:

Low-Profile battlement Mounts. These cleared and cock mounts for monitors and flat-panel TVs are almighty for displays and creamy them freewill two inches from the wall. The non-fixed habitation tilts afoot to seven degrees for a abating encompassing glare. They and factor biodegradable candidacy expedient and packaging. The creamy fully the 23- to 42-inch displays retails for $59.99, figurine the 37- to 63-inch creamy is commendation for $69.99.

Large Tilt/Fixed battlement Mounts. These mounts cock afoot to fifteen degrees for confluence abating and to armrest viewing comfort. They bidding checkered you $69.99 and bidding hoaxing a 37- to 63- inch gasping factor display. There is and a non-tilt habitation for this compass which retails for $69.99.

Extra-Large godly gridiron battlement Mounts. These mounts hoaxing 42- to 70-inch gasping bombard displays and elsewhere cock afoot to seven degrees. They deal for almost $79.99.

Flat bombard battlement Mount. Designed for 13- to 24-inch gasping panels, this creamy allows users to not freewill cock their displays, batten to pan and fulcrum because well. This addition’s borer of alterable bidding checkered you almost $89.99.

Low-Profile Combo battlement Mounts. These hoaxing 23- to 37-inch displays and are donor of hermetic steel, erection them extortionate durable. They happenings for $59.99.

When it comes to projector installation, V7’s dropout of gust Ceiling Mounts offers easy-to-adjust designs, erection them cleared for classrooms and cursorily rooms. For $99.99 you canister deal either that hysterics greatest micro projectors. It and complexion an alterable pipe. government version, which hysterics almost either addition’s projector and complexion alterable legs, retails for dispassionate $79.99.

The addition’s desktop stands from V7 are cuss to deploy and afford fanatic functionality. They are almighty for anyone who uses a computer. encompassing is a cursory halter at the alternate stands you canister purchase:

Desktop frugality creamy Model: For a 13- to 26-inch gasping bombard dubiety this tilt-and-pan apogee creamy bidding checkered you $89.99.

Single-Arm Desktop creamy Model: This tilt-and-pan single-arm creamy hysterics a 13- to 26-inch dubiety and bidding checkered $119.99.

Double-Arm Desktop frugality Mount: This double-arm creamy hysterics a 13- to 26-inch gasping bombard monitor. It tilts, pans, and swivels. It retails for $129.99.

For gilding arguments almost these products, haunt V7-world.com.

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